Our company’s founder, Jun Lee, had a dream to build a cultured dairy beverage
manufacturing facility and sell products in the US market after he successfully
operated our mother company in Korea. At the beginning, we had only one line of 7oz. Yocool and sold the product to Asian markets in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Fortunately, after a few years of testing the product in the market, he saw a vision that our company is the only manufacturer of the cultured dairy beverage in the US and no one else does.  Therefore, he searched for a new place and decided to move our Santa Ana facility to South Gate, California where our warehouse is currently located.

We have two very spacious coolers and one freezer in our 41,000 sq ft. facility and have three shipping docks for daily shipping and receiving activities.

Although our company started with one 7oz. production line, our production capacity has increased dramatically.  We added two lines of 2.1oz. Cool product, 2.7oz. Cool Plus and Smoothie lines.  Also, we have 1,300 gallon of 15 processors and four fillers for different sizes of products.  Our blow molders are producing 720,000 bottles daily.

Our most popular size of product is 2.1oz. and we are producing 600,000 to 650,000
bottles daily.  This product became well known among Hispanic and Asian people.

Our journey has not ended, yet we developed and introduced variety of new products
including Probiotic beverage, which is Cool Plus, Smoothie, Aseptic flavored milk, and
canned Aloe Vera drink.  

Both of Probiotic Beverage and Smoothie contain more beneficial bacteria than ever and Aseptic flavored milk is healthy and nutritious.  Our Aloe Vera drink contains 100% vitamin C, which boosts your energy for daily activities.    

Starting with a small production line 17 years ago, Win Soon, Inc keeps striving to
achieve the dream of our company’s founder.  And, our journey continues.



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